Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal

Tuesday 16 October 2018. After a drenching on Sunday, it made a welcome change to walk on a dry, if a little overcast, day. It was just a 3 mile walk through the deer park at Studley Royal before returning through the grounds of Fountains Abbey.

I had gone in the hope of seeing or hearing some rutting stags but they seemed fairly placid with the heard of red deer split into two resting groups. Each stag had its own harem of hinds. There were others taking photographs so I didn’t want to get too close and disturb them – the deer that is!

Leaving the deer park behind I entered the grounds of Fountains Abbey (£15 for non-NT members). It was a nice stroll with good reflections on the ornamental lakes. I heard mewing away in the distance and was lucky enough to spot a buzzard perched high up in the tree tops. At maximum zoom on my camera I managed to get a reasonable shot.

The Abbey was relatively quiet with only a handful of visitors and one guided party. It was a shame that the sun didn’t make an appearance to enhance the autumn colours on the trees.

Fountains Abbey – walk route

Aerial View




Soggy Duddington

Sunday 14 October 2018. I drove to Duddington hoping that no-one would be daft enough to want to walk in pouring rain. At 9:59 I was beginning to think that my wishes had come true and then Linda Shand appeared. It was just the two of us. Betty had emailed me to say that she and Moira had driven as far as the Collyweston turning before deciding to turn round and go home. I think that they made the right decision as the roads were flooded and becoming unsafe and the weather didn’t look like it would change any time soon.

Linda was going to do the walk, come what may, so I decided to join her. After all, we spend a fortune on wet weather gear and then don’t want to put it to the test. My umbrella was the best thing for today. As planned, we stopped in the bird hide after 2.25 miles for coffee, out of the rain. There wasn’t much to see but I took my only photo of the day from here. Top Lodge was less than 10 minutes further on and, as we had only just stopped, we decided to press on and get back to the cars. I made a short cut between the bird hide and Top Lodge which meant that the walk was just 5.25 miles rather than the advertised 6 miles. This was plenty given the prevailing weather conditions.

Duddington – walk route

Aerial View

IMG_20181014_105456787 (816 x 612)

Around Fakenham

Sunday 30 September 2018. Today’s walk was a 6 mile wander around Fakenham which started from the adjacent village of Hempston. Leaving our meeting place the 8 of us on this walk, led by Karen, did a short circuit of Hempton Green before passing the Gas Museum. Although it was closed, this brought back childhood memories of the phasing out of town gas and its replacement by North Sea gas. Prior to this change, in about 1965, I can remember that the street lighting where I lived used to run on town gas. My dad worked as a stoker in the local gas works burning coal in order to produce the gas.

Leaving the Gas Museum behind we soon picked up the path alongside the River Wensum. This was the most picturesque part of the walk with the remainder being on the streets and lanes of Fakenham. We made an early stop for coffee beside the river before tackling the tarmac around Fakenham. Our lunch break was in a grassed play area on the outskirts of the town before moving closer to the centre to experience more of the delights(?) of Fakenham.

Fakenham – walk route

Aerial View




Winter Walks Programme – Update

Wednesday 26 September 2018. Readers of this blog may wish to note that the Fenland Group’s Winter Walks Programme has been updated and uploaded to the Ramblers website. The following links provide further details.

Fenland Group web page

Fenland Group Walks List

A printed copy of the walks programme will be mailed out to members in early October but for those who can’t wait and for easy reference a copy is also available at the link below.

Final Winter 2018 walks





Friday 21 September 2018. A second Atlantic storm, Bronagh, made for a poor nights sleep with heavy rain giving way to strong winds which shook my caravan. It was a bright but still breezy morning with further rain forecast for later in the day. Rather than going walking, I decided to catch the 10am bus for a walkabout in Whitby. I hadn’t appreciated that the X93 diverted from the A171 to pass through Robin Hood’s Bay. This was useful knowledge for future linear coastal walks.

My last visit to Whitby was in April 2015 with Karen, Amanda and Josephine. We had climbed Roseberry Topping before stopping off at the Magpie Cafe for fish and chips. There was no climbing for me today. I did think about going up the 100 steps to the Abbey but couldn’t even be bothered to do this. Instead, I had a walk along the pier to take a few snaps before returning to the Magpie for my fish and chips lunch. They were delicious and I struggled to finish them. Replete, I waddled across to the bus station for the 1:36pm bus back to Scarborough.


Stormy Weather

Wednesday 19 September 2018. The weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse. No sooner had the remnants of ex-storm Helene blown through before Storm Ali arrived. The strong winds have made walking unpleasant. I didn’t venture out yesterday and today has been confined to a dash to the site shop for some milk. It seems as if these inclement conditions are here to stay for a while although the forecast for Saturday morning doesn’t look too bad.

Towing a caravan in these conditions is not only inadvisable but could be downright dangerous. I’ll therefore be cutting this holiday short and making a dash for home during the predicted lull on Saturday morning. If there is anything good to come out of this, then I can always come back at some other time to do all of the walks that I had planned.


Abbots Ripton Walk

At the start of the walk it was good see others in attendance from other groups today and it all our group was a large number for us totalling 14 for the 8 or so miles walk.

The weather was fine with a good breeze which warmed up as the walk progressed. The route took us over tracks, fields and short road walks.

The autumn colours had not yet put in an appearance but we did find a good supply of blackberries to pick and eat as we walked along the fields.