Thursday 19 July 2018. I’ve done the walk up Hebden Gill a few times and it has become on of my favourites. The full route up the gill to Yarnbury, on to Bare House, down to Grassington and back to Hebden is just short of 8 miles. Today’s walk was a little shorter as I was suffering in the heat, despite starting at 9am. I stopped for coffee at the top of the gill and it was here that I decided to cut the walk short. It was only 22c but there was no shade to be had.

The revised 5 mile route with 600ft of ascent gave me an opportunity to try out some new tracks. Instead of carrying on from Yarnbury, I followed the road down towards Grassington and then hung left towards Hebden on Edge Lane. A few fields were crossed and I was back at the car well before noon. Rain is forecast tomorrow so I think that I’ll take a day off to visit my Brother and his family in Harrogate.

Hebden – walk route

Aerial View



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