Castor Hanglands

Sunday 15 July 2018. Just Frances and me for today’s walk. I had planned 8 miles around Ufford but, given the extreme heat and the fact that there were just 2 of us, I changed this to a shorter and more manageable 4.5 miles around Castor Hanglands. I hadn’t done this route before but had sketched it out as a shorter hot weather alternative.

We set off along a farm track stopping at the church just outside Upton for coffee. After a tour of the village we then headed towards Castor Hanglands in search of shade. Taking advantage of a cooler breezy spot we stopped, briefly, in the woods for lunch. Castor Hanglands is a boggy place to avoid in the winter months but today the footpaths were baked hard. We were soon back at the cars, just a little after mid-day which meant that I would be home in plenty of time for the football world cup final.

Castor Hanglands – walk route

Aerial View



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