Thursday 28 June 2018. This heat wave is becoming ridiculous, making walking a near impossibility. The temperature in Keswick hit 29c, vindicating my decision to take a day off. I decided to make an early start today and hit the trail from Stonethwaite at 8:30am. It was still incredibly hot, even at that early hour, but I’d planned a short walk.

I was retracing some of my steps on the Coast-to-Coast route as I headed alongside Stonethwaite Beck, stopping at Smithymire Island after only 1.25 miles for coffee and to take a few pictures. From here I headed a short way into Langstrath with the intention of turning round about a mile later. I soon came to a footbridge over Langstrath Beck and the decision was made to cut this short walk even shorter.

I was soon back at the car having walked just 2.5 miles with 300ft of ascent. I returned to the caravan to seek what shade I could find to get out of the burning sun. Any shade that there was to be had soon disappeared as the sun rose higher in the sky and I had to retreat inside the caravan. This resembled a sauna with the temperature hitting 37c by mid-afternoon. I’m rapidly melting into a sweaty blob and long for cooler weather. There is none forecast until next week so I doubt that I’ll be doing much more walking.

Stonethwaite – walk route

Aerial View




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