Y Gyrn Circuit

Wednesday 18 April 2018. I met Linda at 10am near her campsite. The weather hadn’t improved much and low cloud obscured the hill tops. It was forecast to improve so we stopped for coffee in Beddgelert to kill some time. I had thought of doing the Nantile Ridge, which is a very challenging walk, but I felt that it would be too much for me and opted for an easier low-level route. Linda stuck with the original plan and, when I’d finished my walk at 4:30pm, I got a text from her letting me know that she’d reached the Obelisk on Mynydd Tal-y-mignedd (2,142ft). I’d had my phone switched off to save battery for most of the day so don’t really know what time she sent me her text.

My route, which was devised on the hoof, took me through the northern part of Beddgelert Forest before circuiting Y Gyrn. I took the wrong path for a short while but soon realised that I was heading in the wrong direction. The bonus was a better view of the Nantile Ridge. I had thought of crossing the southern edge of Beddgelert Forest (path marked in purple on my map) but found that this path had been closed for more than a year to allow for the felling of trees. I continued on the closed path for a short while before detouring north on forestry access tracks to pick up my intended route near Pont Cae Gors. I don’t think that it added very much to the overall distance of my walk which turned out to be 7.4 miles with a total ascent of 1,400ft.

The weather improved considerably in the early afternoon and I was glad that I’d applied sunscreen and had my sun hat with me. The section of my route in the old quarries near Y Gyrn was most enjoyable. I didn’t see another walker until I was within sight of the car park.

I tried and failed to do Yr Aran last year because of my sore knee. Having now seen it from a different perspective, I feel that I must summon up the energy to give it another go.

Y Gyrn circuit – walk route



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