Roman Camp, West Runton

Sunday 18 February 2018. Only Josephine and Karen joined Phil on what turned out to be a lovely walk in glorious sunshine. We started at Beacon Hill, the highest point in Norfolk at 338 feet (103 metres), also known as Roman Camp.

We walked south, crossing fields, arriving at Felbrigg Hall for a magnificent coffee stop. We then turned north on the Weavers Way, over the railway, and on into Cromer and Cromer Pier for lunch, where we found two newish benches at the end of the pier, sheltered and in sunshine for an unhurried lunch.

The tide was going out so we walked along the beach to East Runton Gap, making our way south through the village, away from the tourist route, and through delightful different pathways, ascending back to Beacon Hill through rhododendron woods.

A lovely walk of 8.75 miles with a wonderful variety of scenery.

Image result for cromer beach

While the 3 Musketeers were enjoying themselves at the coast, I continued my return to walking with a couple of local outings. On Friday I took myself off to Ferry Meadows for a quick 3.5 mile walk. Today was a cold and misty start but it didn’t deter me from going for a 4.6 mile walk in Fineshade Woods. Starting from Duddington, I made my way to the cafe at Top Lodge which serves just the best cappuccino. It might seem like a long way to go for a coffee but it got me out into the fresh air and helped to rebuild my stamina. My plan is to do an 8-miler on Tuesday in preparation for leading my Empingham walk next Sunday. (Brian)


One thought on “Roman Camp, West Runton

  1. fenlandramblers Post author

    Nice pictures Karen. I must get myself a drone so that I can capture those aerial views! A shame that there was just the 3 of you but Sheringham is a long way to go and the distance of the walk might have put a few off.


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