Barrowden Yomp

Sunday 7 January 2018. There were just 8 of us on today’s walk including 3 guests from local groups. We set of in bright sunshine but with a chilly breeze, heading through Wakerley Great Wood, stopping for coffee after about 3 miles with views across to Laxton Hall. I was asked a number of questions on this walk about local landmarks etc. As I didn’t have definitive answers, I’ve done some research and information on Laxton Hall can be found here.

After coffee, we made our way through the remainder of the woods, exiting near Spanhoe Airfield. There was a muddy field to be crossed. It really wasn’t too bad and I crossed it alone while the remainder of the group walked around the grassy field edge. Further mud was to be encountered later in the walk. Linda and 6 of her followers made a short detour to visit the Spanhoe Airfield Memorial (here) while I tried to revive the battery in my smart phone which had died in the cold. This is the third time that my phone has died of cold in recent weeks and proves that technology can’t always be relied upon as a navigational aid. The problem was over come by connecting to a small powerpack that I carry with me at all times.

Our next destination was Harringworth where we stopped at the church for lunch. However, before we could get there we came across a gate leading into the village of Shotley which couldn’t be opened as the latch mechanism was obstructed by a protruding bolt. We had no option but to climb over it. This problem has been reported to Northants CC in the hope that they will fix it.

The last 3 miles after lunch became something of a slog as we were walking head-on into a very strong and chilly breeze. Another one of the questions was asked of me as we crossed the oddly named Turtle Bridge. This has Scandinavian origins and further information can be found here. A little further along and two brick towers came into sight raising yet more questions for which I didn’t have an answer. These towers are in fact kilns and further information can be found here.

The last bit of this 10.2 mile work was made even harder as we had to crossed two extremely muddy ploughed fields just before returning to Barrowden. It was a real struggle to pick my feet up as I crossed these fields and I was left exhausted at the end. So much so that I called into the village pub for a lager shandy before driving home.

Aerial View

Barrowden – walk route




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