Sunday 31 January 2017. There were 10 of us on this last walk of 2017 led by Hilary. There was a stiff breeze blowing as we met in the Snettisham beach car park but at least  it was fairly mild at 10 degrees. The wind was on our backs to start with so we did the beach walking section first as the return leg, which would be head on into the breeze, gave us some shelter.

The sand on the beach was firm, making for easy and, at times, brisk walking. We came across the carcass of a young seal which, rather oddly had been decapitated although the were some neck bones on show. The beach walk was just over 2 miles and ended at the cafe/toilets in Heacham where we stopped for coffee.

The return leg was largely on the grassy bank of the old sea wall. About half way along here we dropped down a few feet into the shelter of the dip between the old and new sea defences. The walk was only 5.3 miles but was a nice sociable way to end the year. Hilary offered to take us on a short extension but most of agreed that we’d done enough for today.

Aerial View

Snettisham – walk route




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