Ings to Bowness

Thursday 12 October 2017. For once, the weather forecast for yesterday proved to be correct. It started to rain through the night and didn’t stop until 3pm leaving great lakes of water across my caravan site. Fortunately the pitch that I’m on is slightly elevated and wasn’t waterlogged. The same can’t be said for the caravan site at Keswick which had to be evacuated because of the risk of flooding. That was my first choice site for this holiday but I couldn’t get on as it was full.

Back to today, I parked the car at Ings with the idea of walking to Bowness and back. I hadn’t measured the route so I was a little surprised to find that I’d walked 5.25 miles with 650ft of ascent by the time that I got to Bowness. It had been a pleasant enough walk on narrow traffic-free country roads before picking up the final 3 miles of the Dales way. At Borthwick Fold I came across what appeared to be two very contented cats sat on a bench outside the farmhouse.

Bowness was its usual busy self packed with Japanese tourists taking in the sights. I decided that I’d done enough walking for today and paid £3.90 for the bus ride back to Ings where I called in to The Watermill Inn for lunch. The Met Office has already issued a weather warning for more rain tomorrow so it looks like another day in the caravan before driving home on Saturday.

Aerial View

Ings to Bowness – walk route





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