Wednesday 9 August 2017. I first did this walk some 25 years ago as I started to get into hill walking and since then it has become one of my favourite walks in the Wharfedale area. I last did this walk in March 2015 when there was a good covering of snow and I took a picture of my orange Slam-Duck with Yarnbury farm in the background. I thought that it would be fun to try to re-create this picture on today’s walk. My route was somewhat longer as I took in a diversion to the old lead mine workings on Grassington Moor and to Linton Falls.

Leaving Hebden I made my way steadily uphill alongside Hebden Beck. There was a strong northerly wind blowing in my face making the going tougher than normal. I’ve had to abandon this walk in the past as the stepping stones across the beck were under water. This wasn’t the case today although the last stone was slightly submerged. I stopped for a coffee break soon after, sheltered from the strong wind behind a stone wall.

I broke away from my normal route to Yarnbury to follow the Duke’s New Road and the Lead Mine Trail to have a look at the old working and to visit the large chimney. Old Moor Lane then lead me back towards Yarnbury, my Slam-Duck photo shoot, and a much needed lunch stop/rest which consisted of an apple and a cup of coffee. My turning point at Bare House marked the half-way point of today’s walk. When I was last here the snow had drifted so high against the gate that I couldn’t open it and had to climb over instead.

From Bare House into Grassington my path ran parallel to the Dales Way although a little higher up the hillside. This provided great views. I had been looking forward to reaching Grassington (8 miles) as I had planned a 2nd and more substantial lunch stop. Unfortunately, my favourite cafe was packed so I went across the road to buy a takeaway bacon sandwich and a cup of tea from Walkers bakery. My £2.50 sandwich was so large and loaded with bacon that I was unable to finish it and saved some for when I got back to the caravan.

By now, I was a more than a little tired and enquired at the YDNP office about getting a bus back to Hebden. There would be a wait of 3 hours so I had no chance to whimp-out and had to walk the last 2 miles back to the car. The plus point was that I could visit Linton Falls which were in fine form following recent rains. My walk was a little longer than intended at just under 10 miles with a total ascent of over 1,300ft.

Aerial View

Hebden – walk route

heb1heb2heb3heb4heb5heb7 (2)heb6heb8heb9



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