Grimwith Reservoir

Tuesday 8 August 2017. Rain was forecast soon after midday so if I wanted to stay dry I needed to complete this walk before lunch. I was living in Harrogate, more than 22 years ago, when I last walked near Grimwith Reservoir and, as I recall, there wasn’t a path all of the way round. This has since been rectified with the addition of a section of “permissive” path and Yorkshire Water have provided a “free” car park and a good toilet block.

I started my 4.35 mile walk with just under 400ft of ascent at 09.50 and finished at 11:30 just as the first spots of rain were falling. I did a clockwise circuit which seemed to be the non-conventional route as I met about a dozen walkers coming towards me on their anti-clockwise walk. Other than the water and landscape, much of which has blooming purple heather, there isn’t a great deal to see. However, towards the end of the walk, I passed a restored “cruck barn” which, the information board suggests, was about 400 years old.

Aerial View

Grimwith Reservoir – walk route



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