Sunday 30 July 2017. 10 of us met in Warmington for today’s 8.4 mile walk with just 430ft of ascent. The plan to use the village hall car park was scuppered as it was closed for some celebratory event. There was plenty of on-street car parking nearby.

Our route followed the Nene Way to Ashton where we stopped for coffee. The village peacocks were in residence but, unusually, were being shy. From here we walked through Polebrook and then on a section of road which took us to Ashton woods. It was a relief to get off the tarmac and to enjoy the cool dappled shade of the woods. Lunch was taken sat on the trunk of a fallen tree not far from Ashton Wold Farm.

The woodland bridleway soon came to another section of road taking us to Tansor Wold Farm. The fields from here, through crops of wheat, had a very wide footpaths, it was therefore something of a surprise to find our way out of one field and into the next blocked by overgrown vegetation and a small fallen tree. We found a way through and got back to the cars in Warmington. I’ll report the footpath obstruction to the local council for clearance action.

1st August update. Northamptonshire County Council responded quickly to my reporting of the footpath obstruction and have advised that it was cleared during their inspection visit.

Aerial View

Warmington – walk route



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