Shining Tor

Sunday 23 July 2017. I was joined by Jacqui for my last walk of this holiday. We met at the Pym Chair car park high up on the ridge that separates the Lamaload and Errwood Reservoirs. We had started previous walks from the shore of both reservoirs so it made a change to start from on up high. The only drawback was that there would be a steep uphill finish.

Our route took us in a southerly direction along the ridgeline, over Cats Tor and on to Shining Tor where we stopped for coffee. We then descended into the valley to the west of Shining Tor and then turned north to just beyond Howlersknowl where we stopped for lunch. The picture of the aeroplane, in a clear blue sky, on final approach to Manchester airport was taken whilst we ate lunch. Ten minutes later it started to rain quite heavily so we cut the walk short with a steep 250ft climb up the road back to the Pym Chair car park. Had the rain not intervened then the walk would have been 8.5 miles. Our shorter route was just 4.8 miles but still had a total ascent of 1,000ft.

Aerial View

Shining Tor – walk route



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