Baslow to Bakewell

Tuesday 18 July 2017. I took the opportunity of a local bus service for today’s linear walk from Baslow to Bakewell. There is an hourly service. I could have used my bus pass on the 10:10 from Bakewell but this was a little too late for me so I paid the £2 fare for the earlier 09:10 bus to Baslow. The initial stage of the walk was through the parklands of Chatsworth House before making a very steep 350ft climb up to the Hunting Tower overlooking the House. From here I could see across to Edensor whilst I sat having a coffee and recovering my composure.

The next section was in the welcome cover of the woodlands behind the House before descending down to cross the River Derwent on the road bridge at Carlton Lees. Soon after I was walking past the Chatsworth garden centre and, as it was almost lunchtime, I made an unplanned refreshment stop. I had a pot of tea and a bacon, brie & cranberry panini. I thought about adding a picture of my meal but I know that one of my readers thinks that this is pretty naff.

It was just after noon when I left the garden centre and the sun was at its hottest making it a tiring and thirsty couple of miles. I ran out of water along the way so the first thing that I did on reaching Bakewell was to visit a pub for a much-needed pint of lime & lemonade. The walk was 7.5 miles with almost 1,300ft of ascent.

Aerial View

Baslow to Bakewell – walk route




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