Three Shires Head

Monday 17 July 2017. It was full summer attire today; short shorts, short sleeve shirt, sun hat and glasses. Ideal weather for walking; blue sky, a light breeze and not too hot. To make the most of this good fortune I took myself off to Wildboarclough for a walk to Three Shires Head. As the name implies, this is the meeting point of the county boundaries of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

The walk started with a 500ft gentle climb up the side of Cumberland Brook. Once at the top I should have turned north but headed south, by mistake. I say by mistake as I had it in my mind that I needed to cross the A54 and thought that I had correctly memorised the route. A lesson learned, but not in a hard way: always consult the map! This mistake cut about a mile and a half from the walk but it didn’t really matter as all paths seemed to lead to Three Shires Head. The paths that I walked are shown in blue on the linked map and the paths that I should have taken are shown in red.

Three Shires Head is an idyllic spot and I stopped here for my coffee/early lunch break. The River Dane cascades below a picturesque arched bridge and is joined by a small stream flowing in from the east to form Panniers Pool. This is one of those beauty spots that are the preserve of “walkers” as the nearest road is more than half a mile away.

The route back was fairly easy crossing open moorland and was only spoiled by one very boggy and muddy section. The walk was only 5 miles but had a total ascent of almost 1,200ft.

Aerial View

Three Shires Head – walk route



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