Giddy Edge

Friday 14 July 2017. I made the 10 mile drive to Matlock for a walk which should have taken me high above the valley that carries the River Derwent between Matlock and Matlock Bath. The main reason for choosing this walk, recommended by Karen, was to see if “Giddy Edge” lived up to its vertigo inducing reputation.

Leaving Matlock I climbed to the war memorial on Pic Tor before descending back to the valley floor, only to climb again to the top of High Tor. This leads to Giddy Edge. As can be seen from my picture it is a narrow ledge with a long drop off the side. There was a metal hand rail beside the narrowest part and crossing wasn’t really a problem. I’ve been on worse paths with a greater degree of exposure such a parts of Red Screes above the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District.

Soon after leaving Giddy Edge it began to rain quite heavily. I made my way down through the tree cover to the bottom of the cable car that runs up to the top of the Heights of Abraham. It costs £16 for the ride which seems a lot but there are some amusements, a cafe and show caves at the top. My walk would have taken a more circuitous route on the other side of the valley to the top. It was still raining and as I was only a few hundred yards from Matlock Baths railway station, I decided to cut the walk short and let the train take the strain for the one mile and 70p ride back to Matlock.

Aerial View

Matlock – walk route




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