Two Dales

Thursday 13 July 2017. I had a short drive to Litton, just north of Bakewell, for today’s 4.2 mile walk with almost 800ft of ascent. I was following a route taken from Country Walking magazine but a few detours and some off-piste walking meant that I made it up the further that I went. The start from Litton to northern most point was fairly straightforward as I skirted around the top of Tansley Dale and then Cressbrook Dale.

I descended to the valley bottom only to climb on an unmarked path to the foot of Peter’s Stone. I had expected the path to descend back to the valley bottom once again but, instead, it took me higher up to the eastern rim of Cressbrook Dale. The path disappeared and the ground became steeper and uneven to the point of being unsafe. So, I hopped over a broken stone wall to walk along an adjacent flat field. My plan was to pick up the Cressbrook Dale path a little further along but there was a number of fields bounded by stone walls in my way. Not wanting to climb the walls with the risk of damaging them or myself, the only sensible option was to head to the main road in Wardlow. From here I could pick up the bridleway that led back to the top of Cressbrook Dale. This seemed familiar and by the time that I reached Cressbrook Dale I remembered that I had walked this path before on an away trip with the Fenland Ramblers in 2004. I’ve added a picture from then. There’s a prize for anyone who can name them all!

From the top of Cressbrook Dale I could see my route back, unfortunately this meant descending steeply once again to the valley bottom with a climb up through Tansley Dale and back to Litton.

Aerial View

Two Dales – walk route




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