A difficult start

Wednesday 12 July 2017. This latest caravanning/walking holiday got off to a difficult start when, on Monday morning, my caravan mover wasn’t working properly with the roller, which drives the wheels, only rotating on the off-side. In this condition my caravan wasn’t going anywhere other than in circles and I couldn’t move it forward to hitch-up to my car. It seemed as if there was an electrical problem so I scrambled under  the side of the caravan and jiggled the wires that connected the near-side drive motor to the caravan battery. This seemed to do the trick and both rollers sprang into life.

My concern was whether or not they would work again when I arrived at the Youlgreave caravan site and needed them to manoeuvre my caravan onto the pitch. My worst fears were confirmed with the near-side roller still refusing to function. More jiggling did the trick and I was able to reverse my caravan up a steepish hill onto my pitch after which it stopped working again. The mover had long since past its 5 years guarantee so any repairs would be at my own cost. I rang the manufacturer, Powertouch, for some technical support and to call out an engineer. They suggested that I might be able to fix it myself and save on the £70 call-out fee but I felt that it was beyond my capabilities and I needed the reassurance of a professional repair and the peace of mind that this would bring that the mover would work when needed. The engineer called this morning and replaced the connectors to both motors and in doing so resolved the problem. The mover is an essential piece of kit without which it would be impossible to manoeuvre onto caravan site pitches and to park outside my house.

The weather yesterday wasn’t conducive to walking being showery in the morning with more persistent rain in the afternoon. It was therefore a good opportunity to drive across to Hathersage and visit Alpkit’s new shop. It would have been rude to leave without buying something so I came away with a couple of technical tee shirts.

It was a nice day today so, after the mover engineer had left, I decided to go on a short 2.4 mile exploratory walk directly from my caravan. This took me into Bradford Dale and the bottom end of Youlgreave. It gave me an opportunity to try out a couple of new Apps, Strava and Relive which track my route and then produce and aerial view of the walk. This is the “new feature” that I mentioned in an earlier post.

Caravan Site – walk route



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