In search of shade

Monday 19 June 2017. I had a very odd and brief walk this morning. I knew that I wanted to keep out of the sun as much as I could and that a walk from Seatoller to Grange in Borrowdale would meet this need. I couldn’t use my bus pass on the 09:20 from Keswick and the 10:20 would probably be rammed with pensioners and would result in a delayed start to my walk.

The only sensible option was to drive the 8 miles to Seatoller, park the car there and then catch the bus back after my walk. The National Trust are rolling out new parking meters which require their members to scan a QR code on their membership card and to obtain a parking ticket. The windscreen sticker will soon become obsolete. My NT Scotland card doesn’t have a QR code but NT England have confirmed that the windscreen sticker, which is valid until March 2018, will suffice.

My route took me behind the Glaramara outdoor centre to follow the River Derwent to the Borrowdale Youth Hostel where I sat on a bench for a rest. I’d only walked three-quarters of a mile and wasn’t feeling very energetic. My knee was troubling more than usual today. The New Bridge over the River Derwent was something of a decision point. I still had a couple of miles to go to reach Grange but the bus was less than an hour away. Should I push on to Grange with a chance of missing the bus and waiting for an hour for the next one, or should I cut it short and go into Rosthwaite for a cup of tea whilst killing forty minutes or so waiting for the bus. The latter option won out which meant that today’s walk was just over 2 miles with a total ascent of 350ft.

Seatoller – walk route



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