Ings to Kentmere

Thursday 16 June 2017. I met Jacqui again at Ings where we parked the cars to start a walk to Kentmere and back. I did this walk a few years ago and knew that there wouldn’t be too many steep ups and downs. After a short stretch of minor road walking we were soon out in the south lakeland countryside following a well-defined bridleway leading us to Kentmere. This must be a popular mountain bike route as we were passed by 3 groups of riders.

The walk was slightly extended to take in the hamlet/village of Kentmere where we sat on a bench in front of the church whilst having lunch. The return route wasn’t quite so picturesque with tree cover for part of the way. There was a sting in the tail towards the end with a climb over Hugill Fell and a very rocky and uneven bridleway on the way down. The walk was 9.2 miles with a total ascent of 1,300ft.

We had a late lunch at the Watermill pub in Ings. As I get older I’ve become accustomed to stiffening up after a walk but today was on an entirely different level as I hobbled back to the car. My knee hadn’t been too painful during the walk and I thought that it was getting better. But, on getting back to my caravan, I discovered that my knee was badly swollen with fluid. I had already decided to take a couple of days off from walking so it will be RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation) plus Ibuprofen for me in the hope that I can resume easy walking next week.

Kentmere – walk route




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