Knee Update

Monday 5 June 2017. My GP had suggested that my knee problems were caused by arthritis but I felt that this was wrong because it developed so quickly after having walked 40 miles in one week. I needed a second opionion and someone who could devote more time to a physical examination. Today I went to see Rich at FAST in Cambridge. He specialises in sports related problems and filled me with confidence during his examination and subsequent deep massage of my right quad muscle.

He was very thorough and methodical in reaching his diagnosis of a patellar tracking issue where the right kneecap was restricted in its lateral movement, caused by the quadricep muscle being too dominant. I need to strengthen my hamstrings and the muscles in the back of my leg and in my hips to relieve some of the strain being taken by my quad which should then allow a wider degree of lateral movement in my kneecap.

Rich conducted a session of deep and often painful massage on the outside of the quad muscle in my right leg, after which there was a little more lateral movement in my kneecap. He then took me through a series of exercises which should strengthen the back of my leg and bring my walking into better balance. He finished off by taping up the outside of my knee to provide temporary support.

Leg Exercises

I came away reassured that the problem was something which shouldn’t restrict my walking for too much longer and that, with exercise, the pain should go away. Only time will tell if he was correct.

knee tape


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