Sunday 4 June 2017. I was joined today by 12 other ramblers (8 from Fenland and 4 from other groups). It was a beautifully sunny morning as we met outside the village pub. I entertained thoughts of a post-walk meal but decided not to bother in the end.


Our route on this 6.2 mile walk with just 270ft of ascent took us along field-side paths and tracks where one 300yd section was overgrown by oilseed rape on the one side and nettles on the other. I was wearing shorts and my legs were scratched and stung; so much so that they are still throbbing some 4 hours later. Eventually we made our way to the banks of the River Nene. The footbridge was unsafe so we walked a little further downstream to use the road bridge.


The worst of the nettles were behind us as we made our way to a coffee stop, after 3 miles, in a disused pit/quarry. Soon after we passed a field sown with Linseed which was just coming into flower.


Our route then took us close to Sibson airfield from where planes were taking off at regular intervals to offload groups of parachutists. I’ve added a couple of cropped close up pictures and a wider view in which they appear as dots against the background of a wonderful sky.


Our lunch stop was at Yarwell station, the end of the Nene Valley Railway. From here it was just a mile or so back to Nassington.


Nassington – walk route


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