Chirk Castle

Wednesday 24 May 2017. Fatigue seems to be setting in amongst the group with some mutinous mutterings towards the end of today’s walk. Amanda has already said that she is taking tomorrow off from walking to look around Chirk Castle and I suspect that she may be joined by both Josephine and Karen. I wouldn’t mind a day off myself.

Back to today’s walk. We met at Chirk Castle for a walk through the grounds and then downhill 500ft towards the River Ceiriog. Although the gradient wasn’t too steep, I felt some twinges of pain from my knee so out came the walking poles to take some of the load. The next section of the walk was undulating until we stopped for coffee in a meadow beside the river. As we crossed the road bridge at Chirk Bank we saw a sign indicating that we were leaving Shropshire and crossing back into Wales.

Lunch was taken in the welcome shade of the trees in Chirk churchyard. The shops were just a 100 yards or so away enabling me to buy a Cornish pasty. Leaving Chirk, we dropped down to the canal to walk through the unlit tunnel. A narrow boat went through just ahead of us but we quickly overtook it as the helmsman struggled to avoid hitting the sides of the canal.

Out into the daylight again we returned to the grounds of Chirk Castle once again for a steady 300ft pull back to the cars and a welcome cup of tea at the Castle kiosk. The walk was 6.6 miles with just over 1,100ft of ascent.

Chirk Castle – walk route



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