Thursday 11 May 2017. I was looking for another easy walk today so I made the short drive along the coast to the village of Llanbedr. My 3.5 mile route with a total ascent of just over 600ft took me through areas of woodland, consequently photo opportunities were limited. I had downloaded a few waymarks to guide me and was glad of my GPS and digital mapping to help me find my way.

The walk had been uneventful until I came across a young lamb lent against a wall with its back legs hooked up in some wire. It struggled while I freed it but didn’t run away, giving me the impression that it wasn’t in the best of health. There is never a farmer to be seen when you need one and I couldn’thelp much more.

I’d been thinking about getting my hair cut and when I got back to Llanbedr I was surprised to find a hairdresser/barber in such a small place. They didn’t have any customers so I was able to sit down straight away in the barber’s chair. Chatting with Sophie, who runs the place, I discovered that she had won Britain’s best shave for Wales in 2017 and will be competing in the national competition at the NEC in a couple of weeks. My haircut was excellent value at only £7 and she finished by shaving the back of my neck with a cut-throat razor. It was an old-fashioned genuine men’s haircut, something that I haven’t had for many a year. Please take time to read about her here.

The weather forecast for the weekend could best be described as mixed so I took my awning down while it was dry and spent some time doing laundry using the caravan site facilities. I do lead an exciting life!

My knee isn’t getting any better, or worse, so a few days rest won’t do any harm before I move to Chirk next Monday.

p.s. I’ve been carrying and using my walking poles in order to take some of my considerable weight off my knee. I had them strapped to my pack today. Walking along I heard a click behind me. I could have quite easily ignored this but stopped to look behind only to find that the bottom section of one of my poles had worked loose and had fallen on the ground. Had I been walking through grass, then I might never have heard it fall. A replacement section would have cost me £14.

Llanbedr – walk route



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