Nantgwynant & Llyn Dinas

Tuesday 9 May 2017. I thought that I’d give my knee more of a test today on a 6.7 mile walk with almost 1,700ft of ascent. I drove through Beddgelert for the third time on this holiday on the way to the start of my walk at Nantgwynant. I started my failed attempt on Yr Aran from here last week and followed a similar ascent route but this time, instead of using the tarmac farm access road, I took a lovely path through the woods. I stopped for coffee looking out towards Llyn Gwynant and watching other walkers coming up the Watkin Path. My route took me away from the crowds, such as they were, and out across the hills on the southern flanks of Yr Aran. I didn’t see another walker for the next 2 hours.

It was along this section of the route that I came across a fledgling Cuckoo being fed by two (parent) Meadow Pipits. I was surprised that the fledgling was so large and its genetic mother must have been an early arrival on these shores. Other Cuckoos were still calling in the nearby woodland. I have to say that the picture of the fledgling is one of the best that I’ve ever taken and it was a case of being lucky and being in the right place at the right time. I spent quite a while watching it beg for food from the Meadow Pipits.

The waterfall at Afon-y-cwm wasn’t very big but it fell into a sparkling crystal clear pool which, if I had been so inclined, would have provided a refreshing dip. Needless to say, I passed on the opportunity. I stopped for lunch at the NT car park/toilets at Craflwyn Hall but gave the house a miss. The last 2.5 miles of the walk was pretty much level as the path skirted the southern bank of Llyn Dinas. My knee held up well although there were a few painful twinges on the rocky part of the descent.

Nantgwynant – walk route