Llanberis & Dinorwig

Monday 8 May 2017. I had many reasons for wanting to do this walk today. Foremost was a desire to test my knee and to find out how it stood up to the hills in Snowdonia. Second was to drive on the Llanberis pass through the hamlet of Nant Peris where I got a speeding ticket for doing 35mph in a 30mph the last time that I was in the area. Third was to check out a new caravan site in Llanberis and finally to photograph a lone tree on the edge of Llyn Padarn.

I’ve been watching Damian Waters’ YouTube videos and wanted to try to replicate his picture in the following video:

The drive through Nant Peris was uneventful. There were no fixed “safety cameras” that I could see so I must have been caught by one of the sneaky mobile cameras hiding away somewhere. The caravan site was up to the usual Morris Leisure standards so I may stop there on a future visit.

The lone tree was easy enough to find and I had a good chat with a fellow snapper about this and other interesting photographic sites in the area.

Having ticked off all of my boxes for the day, I was free to go for a walk. The woodland on the side of Llyn Padarn was perfect as it provided some welcome shade from the strong sunshine. It was a steady uphill pull to the top of the Dinorwig slate quarries from where I had great views and could even see the steam train chugging up to the top of Snowdon. The walk was just what I wanted and although it was only 3 miles, there was about 700ft of up and down. My knee held up well with only a little pain at the end of the descent but this soon faded when back on the level.

2017-05-08 13.16.42 (356 x 634)l1l2l3l4l5l6l7l8l9l10


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