Knee Issues

Saturday 6 May 2017. I guess that I can best describe myself like Ernie Wise as being the one with the short, fat, hairy legs. I never imagined that taking a knee selfie could be so difficult but this was achieved by using an App on my phone to remotely control my camera. I wouldn’t normally put pictures of any part of my anatomy on-line but it is needed (or is that kneeded?) to illustrate my point. As readers will know, I’ve been suffering from knee pain for the last couple of months but Thursday’s walk left me with a swollen knee, to boot.

My friend “Google” gives many reasons for swelling of the knee so, as I’m away from home for another 3 weeks, I thought that I’d better get it checked out and took myself off to the Minor Injuries Unit in Porthmadog at 8am this morning. I think that I already knew what they would say and the nurse recommended a few days rest, to take Ibuprofen, to alternate the application of heat and cold and to keep my knee elevated. She also suggested that I wear a supporting knee bandage which I already have thanks to a timely return from Josephine.

I have heat and cold pads at home but had to buy some from the local chemist in order to start my treatment. I don’t mind resting over the weekend as there is plenty of sport to watch on tv and I think that I’ll have another easy day on Monday with a scenic train ride down the coast to Machynlleth. Hopefully I can resume easy walking on Tuesday with no adverse effects.



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