Porth Oer to Aberdaron

Thursday 4 May 2017. I usually try to write my walk reports soon after I get back but I was absolutely knackered and didn’t have the energy to tackle this until the next morning. It had been a particularly tiring and long day. I set off from Harlech at just after 8am and didn’t get back until 6pm. This was largely due to having to drive 40 miles each way and the walk taking far longer to complete. It was just under 9 miles but had a total ascent of over 2,400ft – the equivalent of climbing a mountain and it felt like it.

I had to make an early start to ensure that I caught the 10am bus, just £1, from Aberdaron to Porth Oer to start this linear walk around the western most tip of the Llyn Peninsula. My walk leaflet suggested that this was a tough walk and it certainly wasn’t wrong. After a gentle start there followed a series of ups and downs as the path crossed a series of coves and inlets. There were two major climbs from sea level and back down again: somewhat dispiriting but compensated for by wonderful views.

I stopped for lunch after 4 miles looking out towards Bardsey Island; just two miles out to sea. I’d had enough by now but there were no shortcuts available so I just had to press on. My knee was getting progressively worse as I made my way around Aberdaron Bay and another series of ups and downs with a great many steps didn’t help matters. By the end my knee was beginning to seize up and it was a relief to get back to the car. I rewarded myself with a large ice-cream before making the drive back to Harlech.

I think that I’ll give myself a couple of days off from serious walking with some sight-seeing around Harlech and a walk across the railway bridge over the Mawddach estuary at Barmouth.

Porth Oer to Aberdaron – walk route



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