Yr Aran


Wednesday 3 May 2017. Yesterday’s 225 mile drive to Harlech was tortuous taking 6 hours to complete. It wasn’t helped by a car crash on the Parkway around Peterborough, another incident between junctions 1 & 2 on the M6 which brought us to a standstill for 15 minutes and road works on the A5. At least I was greeted by sunny skies which continued today and look set for the next few days.

I’m spoilt for choice as to which walk to do first but I was inspired by this Youtube video and thought that I try to capture the image for myself.

I hadn’t done this walk before so it seems odd to say that it brought back memories for me. The drive through Beddgelert was one that I set off to do in my motorhome over 6 years ago but turned back having seen signs suggesting that it wasn’t suitable for large vehicles. Having now driven it in my car, I’m glad that I didn’t try it in my motorhome! The other memory was the view of the East and West peaks which join with the upper reaches of the Watkin Path leading on to the summit of Snowdon. I took this route many years ago with HF Holidays and came down to the starting point of today’s walk. Karen will remember this route as I suggested it to her and Barry. Having done it they vowed never to go there again as the footing is particularly bad across a loose scree field.

I was half way on the drive to Nantgwynant this morning when I realised that I had left my Sony smartphone on-charge back in my caravan. This is my normal tool for walking navigation and although I had a paper map, I now feel lost without my phone. Luckily I was using my Samsung smartphone as a Satnav to guide me along narrow country roads. I have Anquet installed on the Samsung so was able to us it to aid navigation on today’s walk.

The route wasn’t difficult to follow and was basically an out and back to Yr Aran branching off from the Watkin Path about half way along. It took me through some beautiful scenery on the way and past some lovely waterfalls on Afon Cwm Llan. I even heard my first Cuckoo of the year. My knee still isn’t 100% but thankfully there is less pain. Despite it getting better, I’m not totally confident about my ability to complete arduous mountain walks. It took me 2 hours to do 2.25 miles with a total ascent of 1,500ft. I was less than a mile from the summit of Yr Aran (2,450ft) but still had more than 1,000ft to ascend. Whilst it grieved me to do so, I decided not to tackle this last section of the walk and turned around to retrace my tracks back to the car. My knee grumbled a little on the way down so I think that I made the right decision bearing in mind that I have almost 4 weeks of walking ahead of me. Despite the disappointment it was a nice walk on a sunny day in wonderful countryside.

Yr Aran – walk route




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