Upper Sheringham

Sunday 30 April 2017. I must start this report by thanking Phil for stepping in at short notice to lead today’s walk. He has a good knowledge of the area and we agreed that he would devise his own route keeping it to about 8 miles. 14 of us met at the village hall in Upper Sheringham where Phil advised us that his recce had taken him about 3 hours and that the walk would probably be about 9 miles. It turned out to be 10 miles, undertaken at a brisk pace, which left me and others feeling more than tired and a little foot-sore by the end.

We soon entered the National Trust’s ground and stopped briefly to use the facilities where we bumped into Helen and Frances. They were doing their own thing as Helen is still suffering with a foot injury. Our route then took us through an area of woodland that none of us had visited before. A coffee stop was taken at the caravan site at Brock Farm before continuing across heathland to walk alongside the railway line to Kelling Halt and Weybourne Station. Phil had planned a lunch stop at the station but it was a bank holiday Sunday and there was a Thomas the Tank Engine event taking place. The normally free access to the platform and toilets was being charged for today. We therefore decided not to join the crowds and pressed on to the church in Weybourne village for our lunch stop.

Our post-lunch route took us past the windmill and on to the coastal path where there was a very strong wind blowing into our faces. This section of the walk was only a mile or so and we turned out of the wind to head inland back into Sheringham Park and the cars at Upper Sheringham.

Whilst it was a very enjoyable walk, my knee was starting to seize up by the end and, if I was to do it again, I would take a short cut from Weybourne Station to Cracking Hill on the edge of Sheringham Park. This would cut the walk to 7.5 miles and save on the road walking into Weybourne village. The only drawback with this route variation would be missing an opportunity to walk close to the sea.

Upper Sheringham 10 miles – walked route



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