Caravan Site Walk

Sunday 9 April 2017. The weather this weekend has been just perfect for walking and it is more than frustrating that my poor health hasn’t allowed me to take full advantage of it. My cold wasn’t much better yesterday so I took a day off. The cold was much improved today but I’m still getting a few twinges of knee pain. It was just too nice to stay indoors and rather than fighting with the Easter school holiday crowds, I decided to do a short 3.4 mile walk with just 250ft of ascent directly from my caravan.

The route took me down Long Ashes Lane towards the A591. I then turned right to follow a footpath through the woods on Rather Heath and past the tarn. A short section of road followed before crossing numerous fields to get back to the caravan site. It wasn’t very long but did a least get me out for a while.

This has been an odd holiday. I set off from home 3 weeks ago doubting that I would be able to do any walking at all. Some of my walks were very painful but this eased as the days passed by. I eventually managed 10 walks totalling 70 miles. The longest was 9 miles on Winder and the shortest was just 3 miles on the aborted attempt on High Cup Nick. Just as the knee pain was subsiding I was struck down by a cold (man flu) which left me drained of energy and panting on the smallest of hills. I hope to quickly put this behind me as I have a lot of walking planned for the whole of May.

Caravan Site – walk route

CS3 (1267 x 713)CS2CS1


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