(Not) High Cup Nick

Wednesday 5 April 2017. My knee is still nagging me but it wasn’t this that got the better of me today. I’ve been developing a cold for the last couple of days and it gave me a very disturbed night’s sleep, waking frequently with coughing spasms and being unable to breathe properly. I thought that a day out in the fresh air might make it better so I met Jacqui at Old Tebay for the drive to Dufton with the intention of doing High Cup Nick.

It was a cold day, or was it just me, as we set off from Dufton on the Pennine Way up towards High Cup Nick. I was struggling from the start with low energy levels and an inability to get enough air into my lungs. We had an early coffee stop and after walking only 1.5 miles with 600ft of ascent, I had to accept that I wasn’t going to make it to the top today. Jacqui was very understanding and, as I need to take a day off tomorrow, she will most probably return to do High Cup Nick on her own. Rather than driving back directly to Old Tebay, we made a detour for tea in Kirkby Stephen.

Hopefully 24 hours rest and Lemsip etc. will bring about an improvement in my cold and we can resume walking on Friday with a gentle stroll around Cartmel and the purchase of some Sticky Toffee Pudding. I only took one picture of some lambs and those of High Cup Nick were taken on a visit last September.

(Not) High Cup Nick – walk route

HC1 low resHC2 low resHC3 low res


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