Windy Winder

Tuesday 4 April 2017. I drove across to Sedbergh this morning to join with Jacqui on a walk up the Howgills. I last did this route with Karen in September 2013. Leaving the HF house, Thorns Hall, we had a stiff climb of 1,100ft in the first 2 miles to the summit of Winder (1,551ft). It was blowing gale on the way up and we took shelter on the leeward side of the hill for our coffee stop. This was the highest point of the walk and in the next 2 miles we lost all of the height gained as we descended for lunch overlooking the Lune Viaduct. It was a lovely spring-like day in the valleys bottom and we were entertained by gambling new-born lambs.

After lunch we followed the route of the Dales Way, first alongside the River Lune and then the River Rawthey all the way back to Sedbergh. It had turned into a very warm afternoon and my post-walk pint of Lime & Lemonade was much-needed. For the second day in a row I had walked myself almost to the point of exhaustion. The route was 9 miles with a total ascent of 1,600ft.

Winder – walk route

H1 low resH2 low resH3 low resH4 low resH5 low resH6


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