Staveley & Potter Tarn

Monday 3 April 2017. Jacqui joined me today and will be walking with me for the next 4 days; staying at HF Sedbergh. We met at Sizergh Castle for the short drive to Staveley. I’d done a version of this walk before so was familiar with the route. Most of the climbing was in the first couple of miles making for a tough start.

I thought that I’d taken a picture of Potter Tarn but apparently not as it wasn’t on my SD card. Not a problem as one tarn looks pretty much like the rest. The out and back leg to Gurnal Dubs took us to the highest point of the walk at just under 1,000ft asl. From here it was all downhill to the banks of the River Kent. I had hoped to cross on a footbridge at Hagg Foot but it had been washed away. This meant a 2 mile detour to Bowston. We tried to take a short cut through the private apartment complex at Cowan Head but, despite sneaking in through the back, we couldn’t make our escape through the locked security gates at the front.

We followed the route of the Dales Way back into Staveley finishing with a tiring walk along the roads and pavements of the village. The walk was 8.33 miles with a total ascent of 1,250ft.

Staveley & Potter Tarn – walk route

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