Sunday 2 April 2017. The last 4 days have been blighted by rain so walking has been off the agenda. The red sky last night suggested that today would be better and so it came to pass. I set off fairly early on the short drive to Elterwater arriving at 9.20am. It was already busy but when I got back from my walk a little over 3 hours later the place was packed, with cars parked everywhere. Had I not know that it was early April, I could have quite easily believed it to be the height of summer.

The walk from Eltwater to Skelwith Force is very popular as was the whole of my route. I suspect that I saw more walkers today than I will see for the rest of the week. I’d done the first part of this walk before but inexplicably I missed the path for Colwith Force. I could have back-tracked slightly but this would have meant losing height and my knee still isn’t 100% so I decided to stay high. Whilst pulling my boots on this morning I got chatting with a guy who was doing a similar route except that he was extending it to more than 16 miles. He told me about the refreshments available at Park Farm. It was a warm morning so I called in for a pot of tea and the “holiday” bacon butty.

The main reason for doing this walk was to visit Cathedral Quarry and nearby Slater Bridge. I’d seen pictures of them but never visited either before. The last leg of the walk was a 300ft climb up to Howe Banks and then a 400ft descent down a stoney bridleway back to Elterwater. The up was much better than the down. The walk was just under 6 miles with a total ascent of just over 1,000ft. Quite enough for my knee although not too painful.

Elterwater – walk route

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