Ingleton Waterfalls

Wednesday 22 March 2017. It has rained almost all day but just after lunch it seemed to be easing off so I set off for a walk around Ingleton Waterfalls which were in fine form. I wanted to test my leg to see if the sciatica had improved. The answer was yes, but there is still some way to go. My knee wasn’t too bad but the lower back pain remains. I’m better going uphill and up steps but coming down isn’t so good and I can only lead with my left leg.

Although I’d done this walk many years ago, I wasn’t too sure of the length of the route which turned out to be 4.6 miles with just over 1,000ft of ascent. The “up” section to the top of Thornton Force was okay but it was a painful return. Nonetheless, it was worthwhile as I doubt that there could ever be more water thundering over the many waterfalls.

Ingleton Waterfalls – walk route

Ing1 low resIng2 low resIng3 low resIng4 low resIng5 low res



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