Stainforth Force

Tuesday 21 March 2017. My journey north to Boroughbridge on 4 March was blighted by a long delay on the A1 near Doncaster and so it was yesterday on the 180 mile drive to my caravan site near Austwick. The weather was terrible with torrential rain and this no doubt played a part in the multi-car pile up which meant that it took me nearly an hour to cover just 6 miles in a bumper to bumper traffic jam.

I set off on this holiday with some trepidation as the sciatica in my right leg and considerable associated knee pain hasn’t fully cleared up. Not a good start to a walking holiday. There had been overnight hail showers which made a hell of a noise on my caravan roof. This had fallen as snow at higher elevations as can be seen from the picture of Ingleborough taken from my caravan site first thing this morning.

Ingleborough low res copy

I wanted to get out to test my leg but the sleet/hail showers didn’t ease until after lunch and it was 1pm before I set off to Stainforth. The YDNP car park was £2.50 but I took a chance and parked in one of the 10 minute free slots set aside for those who just want to use the toilets. It was just under a mile on my round trip from the car park to Stainforth Force but this was just about enough for me today. My pace is ridiculously slow and trying not to put too much pressure through my right leg/knee gave me more pain in the left side of my lower back. The oddly unbalanced gait doesn’t help.

I spent some time taking photos and video of Stainforth Force before then going into Settle for some shopping and a coffee at the Naked Man cafe where I could use their wi-fi to upload my video to YouTube. The weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t great with a covering of snow being predicted lasting for most of the morning, but tomorrow is another day and we’ll just have to wait and see what it brings.

Falls1 low resFalls3 low res


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