Monday 13 February 2017. Buying myself a new camera (Panasonic Lumix TZ70) for Christmas has revitalised my interest in photography. To further this interest and to get in some much needed practice, I took myself off to the village of Laxton this afternoon. I remember walking through here with the Thursday Stroller some years ago and seeing a flock or “wake” of Red Kites circling above. I had hoped to get a picture or two but despite there being dozens of Kites today, they were a little too high and moving too quickly for me to get them in the frame and in focus at the same time. I’ll come back for another try.

The other objective of the outing was to get a few sunset shots. I’m pleased to say that I had more success in this regard and I’ve added a few of the better images below. The pdf map link shows a red box from where it is best to park and see the Kites. The red cross, not far away, shows the location of the sunset shots.




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