Monthly Archives: January 2017

Doddington walk

Despite it raining overnight and early morning 6 members travelled to the start.

We started the walk following the path along the road to Wimblington and branched off on the left towards Knowles transport depot where at the bottom a circular walk is sign posted. We then travelled beside fields on established footpaths heading towards the caravan park on the outskirts of Doddington.

From here we turned back towards Doddington by more signed route returning beside the football field near the hospital and then back to the start..

As the weather was chilly and damp we only stopped briefly for a drink and biscuit deciding to eat lunch at home .

No pictures were taken along the route as it was a miserable day but we did spot the squirrel in the car park and many wind turbines scattered along the way.



Sunday 8 January 2017. Eleven of us met today for Karen’s “two ponds” walk. It was good to welcome first time walkers Tori & Clay for what turned out to be fairly short walk at just 6 miles. I didn’t fancy the designated grass verge meeting point at Flegg Green and parked instead at Wereham church where I was joined by Tori & Clay and Helen & Linda for the half-mile walk out to meet the rest of the group. They must have looked suspicious parked in the middle of nowhere and had attracted the interest of nearby residents who clearly thought that they were a group of hare-coursers. A chat with the local constabulary soon allayed concerns and we were off on our walk with the vapour cloud from the nearby sugar beet factory providing an interesting backdrop.

The walk was a mixture of road-walking interspersed by short sections of muddy field edges. Having done a loop, we stopped for coffee beside the 1st pond in Wereham. From here, it was largely road-walking to the 2nd pond in Boughton where we stopped for lunch.

On the last leg of the walk we disturbed a group of Roe deer who ran off into the distance but I did manage to capture a long-range picture before they went too far. Unusually for this time of year, it was a relatively mild day at 10c and most of us felt overdressed and consequently a little too warm. I think that we’re due some winter weather later this week which will make a welcome change.