Aira Force

Saturday 21 January 2017. I’m on my own for the last two days of this holiday and, as I could do what I wanted to, I decided to give myself a leisurely day and become something of a tourist. There was a keen frost overnight but it brought a wonderfully sparkling morning. I saw a Tweet from someone in Cumbria this morning which read “Hello sun, we’ve ‘mist’ you. It sums up the last week better than ever I could.

I wanted to continue my experimentation with waterfall photography so I took myself off to the NT site at Aira Force. Car parking was £5 for up to 2 hours, £7 for up to 4 hours and £9 if you wanted to stay longer. As I’m a Scottish NT member it was free for me although I was only there for about 90 minutes during which time I walked a couple of miles with 500ft of ascent.

I think that I’ve just about “cracked” the waterfall thing and reverted back to my landscape and Herdy photograph in ideal, if chilly, conditions.




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