Arnside Knott

Friday 20 January 2017. I drove south today to meet Jacqui at Sizergh Castle before travelling on to start our walk at Arnside. I missed a turn on the drive between Sizergh and Arnside which meant I had to negotiate some narrow winding country roads. Not my favourite pastime.

When I last did this walk in April 2016 I started at the foot of Arnside Knott which meant that I had an uphill slog at the end of the walk. This time, we parked in Arnside on the banks of the River Kent estuary which meant that the 500ft climb to Arnside Knott came much earlier in our walk. Visibility wasn’t great to start with but improved throughout the day as I finally got to see the sun for the first time this week. Photographs from my first walk on this route can be seen here.

This is the only picture that I took today with the sunshine just breaking through as we looked out across Morecambe Bay.


Our route soon took us back down to sea level as we walked on a slightly elevated path which then dropped down to the beach to walk to New Barns. I slightly lost my way in Grubbins Wood and had to back-track to find the path for the last half mile or so back into town. The walk was 7.3 miles with 1,100ft of ascent.




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