High Rigg & Low Rigg

Thursday 19 January 2017. This was Karen’s last walk with me for this week so I decided to be easy on her with what I thought would be a gentle walk. It is many years since I last did this route and whilst I could remember the steep climb up onto High Rigg and the steep descent at the northern end, I’d forgotten about the many undulations in between.

I parked at the LDNP car park at Legburthwaite and as the pay & display machine was out-of-order I saved myself the £7 parking fee. The initial 400ft climb up to Wren Crag was just as steep as I had remembered and a few stops were required along the way. I run an App called “Social Hiking” on my phone and this sends me an email every time I summit one of the peaks listed in their database. The incoming email ring tone on my phone was going at regular intervals today as messages were received on Wren Crag, High Rigg SE Top, High Rigg and High Rigg (Naddle Fell). It was only 2.5 miles across High Rigg but it felt a lot farther. We stopped for lunch in the church at the foot of the northern end of High Rigg.

I wanted to bag Low Rigg and Tewet Tarn as I hadn’t visited either of them before so we made an extra 2 mile loop to take in these landmarks. Back at the church, all that now remained was to walk a couple of miles around the side of High Rigg back to the car.

The walk was 7.25 miles with a total ascent of 1,700ft. For Karen’s benefit the walks over the last 4 days have totalled 27 miles and 7,000ft of ascent.





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