Wednesday 18 January 2017. Karen wanted a slightly easier walk today so we drove to nearby Braithwaite to do a short route up and over Barrow, returning via Stoneycroft Gill and the Newlands valley. This was an odd walk with most of the uphill (1,200ft) being in the first mile and a half which, at our now normal blistering pace of 1mph, took us 90 minutes to complete. It was a little chilly on the top of Barrow so we descended a little before stopping for our coffee break. I’ve added a picture of nearby Cat Bells which is just 12ft lower then Barrow but looks more “pointy”.

I was pleased that our route took us alongside Stoneycroft Gill as this enabled me to revisit the scene of a badly sprained ankle acquired many years ago whilst on a team-building exercise from work. This required us to partake in a Ghyll Scramble. For those who are unfamiliar with this hairbrained activity, you are required to lay down, fully clothed, in a freezing cold stream and then slide downstream over waterfalls and other obstacles until you reach the bottom. Unfortunately, hitting the bottom was exactly what I did resulting in the sprained ankle.

On of my photographic ambitions is to take a picture of a waterfall which has a “milky” appearance. This is achieved through a combination of camera manual settings, most important of which is the exposure time. The waterfalls in Stoneycroft Gill provided an ideal opportunity to try out my waterfall shot. 2 second and 1 second exposures were too long and 1/30th second too short. After a little trial and error, 1/15th second seemed about right. Judge for yourself from the pictures below.

The last part of the walk alongside Newlands Beck was a gentle stroll where we watched a farmer on a quad bike going from field to field to check his flocks of sheep. A little later on we met him at the farm in Little Braithwaite where he had brought in some of the more colourful members of his flock.

The walk was just 5.4 miles with a total ascent of 1,500ft.





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