Holme next the Sea

Sunday 18 December 2016. 9 of us met for today’s gentle 6.6 mile walk from Holme next the Sea. We set off up beach road to cross the A149 and follow the Peddars Way to the outskirts of Ringstead where we stopped for coffee. Our route turned east and then south to re-cross the A149 and pick up the Norfolk Coastal Path to the at Holme Dunes Nature Reserve where we sat on some well placed logs whilst eating lunch. It was only a mile or so from here back to the cars to complete the walk.

I’d arranged a night walking exercise along the beach near Old Hunstanton to see what it would be like walking in the dark with headtorches. As the main walk finished at 1:45pm, it was too early for the night walk so Karen, Hilary and I went into Hunstanton to kill some time and enjoy a fish and chip lunch/tea. We were joined later by Amanda who had bought takeaway fish and chips to eat prior to starting our night walk at 4pm.

It wasn’t fully dark when we set off to walk just over a mile down the beach and back again. By our turning point at 4:30pm darkness had descended and we were able to see how effective, or not, our headtorches were. Karen had a Petzl, which, whilst being a reputable brand, didn’t provide a very bright light. Amanda’s torch was “unbranded?” but provided an adequate beam. I had my Alpkit Viper and a cheap Cree hand torch. The former provided 125 Lumens and the latter an amazing 300 Lumens for just £2.99.

I think the lesson to be learnt from the exercise is that if you are thinking about buying a torch then 125 Lumens is a must and the more the better.




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