Sunday 27 November 2016. I’m pleased to report that today’s turnout was better than last Sunday when Josephine was joined by just Michael and Hilary. The weather forecast last weekend wasn’t great but turned out to be not that bad.

The sun struggled to break through today and there was a heavy drizzle on the drive home so I guess that we were lucky. There were 8 Fenland Ramblers today and we were joined by Tommy from Corby and Karen from the Conway Valley Ramblers. It wasn’t very far to our coffee stop at the church in Seaton but we had to cross a rather dodgy footbridge along the way. I’ll report this to the local authority and try to get it repaired.

The short section of road walking after coffee provided a good view of the Harringworth viaduct which was undergoing repair. Our departure from Morcott meant that we had to cross several fields of crops (Oilseed Rape?) but luckily it was fairly dry underfoot and this wasn’t as difficult as expected. Our second stop, for lunch, was at the church in Glaston. This is unusual in that the tower is in the middle of the building rather than at the end, as is the norm.

Much of the rest of this 6.75 mile walk with 600ft of ascent was on the road back to Bisbrooke.




One thought on “Bisbrooke

  1. Karen Fiske

    Many thanks to everyone on the walk at Bisbrooke yesterday. A wonderful walk in great company. Back to Conwy Valley on Saturday. Hope to see you all on a walk in the future. Karen


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