Lynford Stag

Sunday 16 October 2016. It was pouring with rain on the drive across to Lynford this morning and I travelled more in hope than expectation of a walk today. Karen, who was leading, seemed as unimpressed as me about the weather and neither of us were too enthusiastic about setting off. The arrival of a few more members meant that Karen couldn’t back out but I was all for going home. It was only at the last-minute that I changed my mind and thankfully it stopped raining soon after.

There were 8 of us out today; 7 ladies and me. I was using my tablet instead of my phone today to track our walk but inexplicably it didn’t want to play ball and didn’t locate our position until we had walked for a couple of miles – perhaps it was all of the trees that blocked out the GPS signal? This was the usual 2 stop walk, once for coffee and again for lunch with 2 miles (post-walk measure) of road walking in between although Karen suggested it was only a mile or so. Perhaps its shorter in her car. I measured the total distance of the walk when I got home and it turned out to be 7.3 miles with very little ascent.

Although I’m trying to lose weight, I called in to Brown’s cafe at Munford on the way home and was joined by most of our group. I had a pot of tea and a fruit scone with butter. I declined the jam and clotted cream but Amanda made sure that it didn’t go to waste when I gave her a small piece of my scone. Surprisingly, I weighed a pound less when I got home compared to first thing this morning but I think this is due more to dehydration and I suspect that I’ll be back to where I started in the morning.

Whilst having our post-walk refreshments I mentioned to Josephine & Amanda that I’d talked about doing an evening walk during the winter months as a means of getting some practice of walking in the dark with head torches. It would be a good idea to do this at the seaside as we could combine a short walk with a fish supper. Coincidentally I’m leading a walk at Holme-next-the Sea on Sunday 18 December. The sun sets at 15:45 on this date and whilst the walk will finish by about 14:00, it means that we can kill the time in-between by having a fish & chips in Hunstanton. It will be low tide at 15:30 and there is a full moon just 4 days earlier so it shouldn’t be too dark. When we’ve finished tea/supper in Hunstanton we can drive up to the old lighthouse for a night-time walk of a couple of miles along the beach heading towards Old Hunstanton.




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