Sunday 9 October 2016. There seems to be fewer and fewer of us out each week. Today there was just 5 (Karen leading, Josephine, David, Phil and me.) We made a slightly delayed start as Karen, despite having done a recce some months ago with me, couldn’t find our meeting point at the recreation ground in Briston and went to the village hall instead.

Reunited, we set off along the lanes heading towards Hindolveston. Along the way we passed the renovated signal box at Culpits Farm. There was a notice on it advertising its availability on a short-term let as a studio or office. Soon after we saw a small group of black pigs rooting in a roadside field.

Lunch was taken sat on benches at Hindolveston sports field. This was well-timed as we were just packing up when the heavens opened. It poured for about 15 minutes whilst we took shelter around the side of the pavilion. This must have been a very isolated shower as the ground was dry just half a mile away. The walk was just 6.9 miles with only 330ft of ascent.





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