Sunday 2 October 2016. Despite the bright blue skies, there was a chill in the air at the start of today’s walk and Autumn isn’t far away. There was just 8 of us out today including 2 from the Hunts Group and 1 from PYW. The first part of the walk crossed a number of fields which had been ploughed and harrowed. The rain of yesterday meant that they were a little soft and muddy but we’ve seen worse.

Our coffee stop was the graveyard in Stilton where there were a few benches on which to sit. Folksworth was a little too close for lunch so we waited until we got to Caldecote, although it was just a road/field edge.

The last part of the walk was along Denton Road which, despite its name, is no more than a green lane but it was very nice in the dappled sunshine. The walk was just 6.5 miles with only 350ft of ascent most of which was on Denton Road.




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