The other way!

Saturday 17 September 2016. Last week I walked from Langton Matravers down to Dancing Ledge and turned right to follow the SWCP to St Aldhelm’s Head. Today I decided to make a similar start but to turn the other way (east) when reaching Dancing Ledge. I followed the SWCP as far as Durlston Head Castle. I didn’t think that I would meet too many other walkers but I was wrong. Coming the other way was a crocodile of charity walkers who had set off from Swanage on either a 16 mile or a 27 mile route. Rather them than me, although I can well understand their wish to do something for a good cause.

My turning point at Durlston Head was well placed being half-way through this walk and affording me the chance to have a late breakfast in the castle’s cafe. I’ve visited before but on a walk out of Swanage. Rather than going back on the same path, I opted to follow a higher level route across the top of the downs with great views and fewer ups and downs. The walk was 6.9 miles with a total ascent of 1,170ft.





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