Corfe Castle and Wareham Forest

Tuesday 13 September 2016. While much of the UK sweltered in the highest September temperatures for almost a century we had to contend with a thunderstorm and torrential rain. We set off to Corfe for a look around the Castle before a doing a walk nearby. The cloud was thickening as we walked from the car park up into the town and by the time that we had stepped inside the Castle grounds large spots of rain were falling. We retreated to the local bakery for bacon baps and then sat out the storm under the parasols in the courtyard of the cafe attached to the “model village”. There were loud cracks of thunder and regular flashes of lightning. It eased sufficiently after about an hour for us to walk back to the car without getting too wet.

We had our picnic lunch back at the ladies holiday accommodation before going out for a short walk in the afternoon through Wareham Forest. Josephine’s knee was sore and it started to rain again so we cut it short and made our way back.

The morning walk was just 1.25 miles and the afternoon walk was 3.6 miles. It wasn’t very much but after the exertions of yesterday it was probably enough.




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